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John Nash

John is making sure people with lung conditions have their voice heard.

IPF delegation to parliament

Ron shares his experience of speaking about IPF in parliament.

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Bristol Half Marathon, run, running, runner, charity event, fundraising event, run for charity


Swansea Bay 10K is one of the flattest and fastest 10k's in the UK. Run for the British Lung Foundation and support those with lung disease.


Run this fast paced flat marathon and take in the fantastic atmosphere in Berlin!


With over 15,000 people taking part each year, The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon is deemed to be not only London’s most popular half marathon, but also it’s most picturesque! It gives you the opportunity to run past some of London’s most iconic landmarks including the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace and takes you through four of London’s royal parks – this race is not to be missed!


Great Birmingham Run, straight and flat run, half marathon, beginner run, running, runners, charity event, fundraising event

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  • The NHS will improve only when there is nowhere to hide its failures..see more17 Sep 2014
  • Hospitals will display inspection ratings under new Health Department proposals..see more16 Sep 2014

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