BLF marks Breathe Easy Week with a call for greater asbestos awareness


take 5 and stay alive

The British Lung Foundation and Breathe Easy groups all over the country will this week mark the charity’s flagship campaign Breathe Easy Week by calling for greater awareness of asbestos as a potential hazard for DIYers. The drive comes as figures from a British Lung Foundation survey show that 78% of people did not realise that all forms of asbestos were only banned as recently as the 1990s. (1)

Breathe Easy groups will be marking the week by holding awareness events and campaigning in the media, building on the BLF’s Take 5 and Stay Alive campaign, which was started in March of this year.

Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation said:

“Millions of homes were built when asbestos was widely used in construction, and yet there is a danger of people forgetting that it can be found in the most unlikely places around the house. The Take 5 and Stay Alive campaign has been launched to ensure that people know all the facts about asbestos before they do DIY around the house. The hard work of Breathe Easy groups is hugely important in helping to spread the campaign’s message on a local level.”

To find out more about the Take 5 and Stay Alive campaign, please visit , where you can find out all the facts you would need about asbestos.

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(1) 2041 adults, TNS Survey, 2012

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