Awareness and lung testing events

Have you got a persistent cough? Are you breathless or wheezy?

The British Lung Foundation runs targeted awareness campaigns across the UK to raise awareness of lung disease and to encourage early diagnosis. Please check this page for information about future events in your area.

We currently have no events scheduled.

What's involved in a test?

  • When you arrive you will be asked some questions and your height will be measured.
  • You will be asked to blow into something called a spirometry machine. A mouthpiece is placed in your mouth, like a snorkel, and you blow through it.
  • Everyone will be given a new mouth piece.
  • You will usually be asked to blow through the mouth piece several times.
  • You will be guided throughout the test.
  • The test will take between 5 to 15 minutes.


  • If our health care professionals decide to refer you on to your GP for further tests they will provide you with your results and a letter in a sealed envelope.
  • We recommend that you make an appointment immediately and take the envelope with you.