BLF Nurses

No one likes being in hospital. We know that being able to stay at home during treatment, or being able to leave hospital that bit earlier, is important to many people with lung disease.

BLF nurses

BLF nurses make that possible. They can give you specialist care in your home or in community clinics. That means you can have the choice to stay at home during treatment where you’re comfortable rather than go into hospital. With the support of a BLF nurse when you leave hospital, you could also be discharged earlier.

We have more than 70 caring, expert BLF nurses all over the UK. They’re all already working as respiratory specialists, but we give them extra support and training so they can give you the best possible care at home or in clinics.

If there is a BLF nurse in your area, in order to access their help and support you will need to be referred through your GP, community health service or your hospital. If there isn’t a BLF nurse local to you, you should still be able to access specialist respiratory services through your healthcare provider. You can also call our helpline for information and support.

Interested in becoming a BLF nurse? Find out more about the BLF Nurses Programme.

Here's what people have to say about our BLF Nurses Programme:

“During my mother’s illness we met many professionals who helped in various ways, but none met our needs as much as our BLF nurse, who has been a constant source of support and encouragement. 

"Not only is her professional expertise second to none, her caring, friendly and good-humoured approach helped my mother and me enormously.  She visited my mother in hospital a few days before her death and by this time, she was regarded as a trusted friend by both of us.

"The path of my mother’s illness has been long and difficult, but our BLF nurse’s presence made her final year much more bearable and I will always be thankful for that”

Family member

"Thank you for all the help and support you give to people.  I have a friend with COPD and she cannot praise you nurses enough for how much help you give her"


"Being involved with the British Lung Foundation brings my patients great benefits, such as more support and advice to treat symptoms early. I support patients in the community – both in clinics and in patients’ homes – performing specialist respiratory assessments, equipping patients with a greater understanding of their conditions and promoting self-care.

"My main focus is supporting patients, carers and families affected by respiratory disease and, when needed, providing end of life care" 

BLF nurse

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