Causes and risk factors

From smoking to breathing in asbestos fibres, there are lots of things that can harm your lungs and cause disease. If you know the risks, then it is easier to protect your lungs from activities and substances that may damage them.


Risks in the workplace >

Substances you might be exposed to at work, from mouldy hay to the chemicals in sprayed paint, can lead to conditions such as asthma.

Asbestos >

Breathing in asbestos fibres, either through your job or simply while doing DIY, can cause several serious lung diseases, such as the chest cancer mesothelioma.

Smoking >

We all know that smoking is bad for us. Giving up is one of the best things you can do to protect your health and avoid lung diseases such as COPD.

Indoor and outdoor air pollution >

Whether it’s car fumes outside, or things like pet fur or dust in your home, air pollution can also cause lung problems and make existing conditions worse.