Do you suspect you might have a lung condition?

Doctors can diagnose it in many ways.

If you’re showing signs of lung disease, you’ll want a diagnosis as soon as possible, so you can get treatment and start to manage your condition . Visit your doctor as soon as you can if you’re feeling unwell.

Your doctor may start with some breathing tests, including lung function tests to see how well you can breathe in and out, blood gas tests to see how well your lungs are getting oxygen into your blood and exercise tests to see how your lungs work under pressure.

You may also need a bronchoscopy, where a bronchoscope device is inserted into your airway so doctors can examine the major air passages of your lungs.

Check if you’re at risk

You need a doctor to accurately diagnose any lung condition. However, we have some easy online tests you can do to see if you could be at risk.

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