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Each year thousands of people turn to the BLF Helpline. We have a team of specialist nurses and benefits advisers who are dedicated to answering your questions.

They can give you reliable and expert advice about anything to do with lung health, whatever your condition or whatever you're worried about.

There’s no question too small. Call us now on 03000 030 555. Or email and we’ll call you back. Ringing the helpline never costs more than a local call and is usually free, even from a mobile. Lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Just been diagnosed
with a lung condition?

You’re likely to have many questions.
Call us on 03000 030 555 today and speak to one of our specialist advisers.

“Don’t hesitate to call the BLF – they’re not only there for people living with a lung condition but also for friends, family and carers.”

Do you care for someone
with a lung condition?

You’re not alone, call the helpline to find out how we can help.

“The BLF Helpline is a great resource of knowledge; you can get in touch anytime and find out more about your condition.”

Are you living with a                       
long-term lung condition?

Call our helpline team today for information and advice to help you get more out of life.

“If there’s anything on your mind at all, just ring the BLF. When I rang up they were very quick to respond and fast to answer my questions.”

Do you think you might have
a lung condition?

Don’t ignore the symptoms, even if they’re mild.

“I felt unwell for a long time and after making the bed became a real effort I thought something must be wrong - I was then diagnosed with COPD. The Helpline have supported me in getting used to living with the condition and returning to a normal, active life”