How we can help you

We have lots of services on offer to help everyone living with or affected by lung disease.

We know that living with lung disease can be difficult. It can be confusing, limiting and frustrating.

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Our support can make your life better. We can give you information and advice to make you feel more in control of your condition. And we can help you connect with other people in similar situations, so you can talk things through and don’t feel alone.

The support we offer includes:

  • Breathe Easy support groups are member-led, local groups where you can go to meet other people affected by lung disease, chat and make friends and get involved with all sorts of activities. There are more than 230 groups across the UK.
  • Our penpals scheme puts you in touch with people who are in a similar situation to you, so you share your experiences and talk to someone who understands.
  • BLF nurses provide specialist care at home and in community clinics. This often allows you to have your treatment at home where you’re comfortable rather than go into hospital, or to be discharged from hospital sooner.
  • Information is so important to maintain control of your condition and your life. We can provide information on everything relating to your condition from symptoms and treatment, to the types of support available. Our website has all the facts. Or you can order printed information free of charge if you'd prefer.
  • Our helpline is there for everyone affected by lung disease. A team of respiratory nurses and welfare benefits advisers offer free, confidential and impartial advice on diagnosis, treatment, financial help and emotional and practical issues.
  • Our web forums enable you to connect with people in the same situation as you, to share your experiences and ask advice.
  • Our awareness and lung testing events happen all around the country. Visit one near you to get your lungs tested and for advice and information on lung health.
  • NHS user representatives are ordinary members of the community - like you - who have the opportunity to make positive changes to local patient services by attending NHS meetings and letting decision makers know how things can be improved. We can help you become one.

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