Research successes

We have funded many ground breaking research studies.

Research is so important in the fight against lung disease. It will help develop new treatments and cures – saving, prolonging and improving lives. Our research projects have had many successes. Among many other achievements, the research we've funded has:

  • identified one of the genes involved in lung cancer;
  • pioneered the use of a test to diagnose and monitor lung disease in young children;
  • proved that vitamin C is crucial for healthy lungs;
  • identified which components of air pollution are the most hazardous to our lungs;
  • pioneered effective home treatment for children with pneumonia;
  • proved that viruses like the common cold are the main trigger for exacerbations (flare ups) of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  • pioneered the use of pulmonary rehabilitation treatment for COPD;
  • led to a 30 per cent reduction in the unnecessary use of antibiotics to treat chest infections;
  • shed light on how lung cancers become resistant to treatment; and
  • showed that appropriate treatment is crucial in helping people with obstructive sleep apnoea to drive safely.

Bill and Lynne’s Story

bills story

Lynne was a loving wife to Bill and doting mum to Garry and Natalie. Their world was torn apart when Lynne passed away from IPF, aged just 53.

Bill, Lynne’s husband said, “Lynne was devoted to me and me to her.  We had a wonderful life during our 38 years together.  The news that Lynne had this terrible disease with no cure was shattering.  She would never allow us to become down by this devastating news and made us both look for a positive in every day she lived fully from the day she was diagnosed until the day she died.”

Lynne put her breathlessness down to ‘getting older’. She was a keen golfer but one day she struggled to make it round the golf course, which pushed her to visit the doctor. She was diagnosed with IPF just nine months before she died.

Very active, Lynne was forever running around with her four grandchildren. Whilst she also loved the ‘glitz and glamour’ of her corporate lifestyle, she also savoured the times when all her grandkids would pile into bed and they’d watch films and eat popcorn.

It’s too late to bring Lynne back, but research could save so many others.

In memory of Lynne, Bill, close friends, family, and colleagues cycled from Manchester to Hull, visiting memorable places along the way including where Lynne and Bill lived when they were first married to raise funds for the BLF.

Lynne’s daughter Natalie said, “My family’s mission is to ensure precious lives like my mum’s aren’t taken unfairly by this silent killer.”

Bill adds, “Our aim is to raise awareness of IPF and to raise money to support further research in understanding the disease, to hopefully prevent it or find a cure.”

You can make a donation in memory of a loved one to help support our work. You can also create a Breath of Life tribute fund to allow friends and families to donate in memory too.

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