Self-help products

Simple day-to-day tasks can become a real challenge for people with respiratory conditions that make it hard to live an active life.

That’s why we’ve developed a selection of self-management tools to help you make informed decisions, feel in control of your condition and enjoy a better quality of life.

Are you a health care professional? We have more information about self-management tools.

OSA information pack  

£4 for full pack - order now

The OSA information pack is designed to help you understand the condition, right through from symptoms and diagnosis to how to live with OSA on a day-to-day basis.

  • Part one: What is OSA?
  • Part two: Do I have OSA?
  • Part three: Living with OSA

COPD Self-management

If you are looking for our range of COPD self-management products we have temporarily removed these items from sale as part of our internal review process. These items will be back on sales in March/April 2015.

Download extra sheets for your exercise handbook (PDF 279KB)

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