Self-help products

Are you a health care professional? We have more information about self-management tools.

Simple day-to-day tasks can become a real challenge for people with respiratory conditions that make it hard to live an active life.

That’s why we’ve developed a selection of self-management tools to help you make informed decisions, feel in control of your condition and enjoy a better quality of life.

Living with COPD DVD


Living with COPD DVD  £8 - order now
This DVD is a great source of advice and information from patients and medical experts. You will meet people with COPD who are living full and active lives. The five chapters cover:

  • breathlessness- managing your breathing;
  • living every day with COPD- self-managing your symptoms; and
  • good days and bad days-building your support network


Exercise handbook  £6 - order now 

Exercise can seem daunting but has proven benefits for people with respiratory problems. This handbook has been designed to be used alongside pulmonary rehabilitation classes as well as exercise at home or in leisure centres.

  • How exercise can help you
  • How to exercise safely
  • Positions to ease breathlessness

Download extra sheets for your exercise handbook (PDF 279KB)

OSA information pack  £4 for full pack - order now

The OSA information pack is designed to help you understand the condition, right through from symptoms and diagnosis to how to live with OSA on a day-to-day basis.

  • Part one: What is OSA?
  • Part two: Do I have OSA?
  • Part three: Living with OSA