British Lung Foundation funds five new research projects on mesothelioma



The British Lung Foundation (BLF) is pleased to announce that is has recently awarded grants to support five new exciting research projects on mesothelioma across the UK.

These studies will help gain a better understanding of how mesothelioma develops and progresses, and how our genes contribute to the disease. They hope to develop more sophisticated technologies to visualise a person’s tumour and monitor their response to treatment as well as produce new, effective treatment strategies.

Ian Jarrold, Head of Research at the British Lung Foundation said:

“Research into mesothelioma is urgently needed to develop new and more-effective treatments for this aggressive cancer. By investing in a range of world-class research projects, the British Lung Foundation is helping to provide a brighter future for people who develop mesothelioma”.

The five recipients of the grants are, Professor Marion MacFarlane at the University of Leicester, Dr Dow-Mu Koh, Institute of Cancer Research at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Professor Anne Bowcock at Imperial College London, Professor John Greenman at the University of Hull and Dr Daniel Murphy at the University of Glasgow.

To find out about each research project please visit our page on recently awarded grants