Time for a Breather? report launched by BLF Scotland


The British Lung Foundation Scotland, in partnership with The Health Inequalities Alliance, launched a new report entitled ‘COPD in Scotland – Time for a Breather?’ on 13 November. The launch marked the eve of World COPD day 2012.

The new report was based on a survey to gauge the current level and consistency of COPD services across Scotland.

Two years of from the launch of the Scottish Government’s Clinical Standards for COPD, our survey highlighted what progress has been made and where there is still room for significant improvement.

The evidence shows there is still a need for earlier diagnosis of COPD and more consistent access to pulmonary rehabilitation/maintenance. It also suggests that helping smokers to quit and protecting children from second-hand smoke will be key to addressing Scotland’s burden of COPD and improving the nation’s health.

Download the report here

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