Asbestos awareness

Take 5 and Stay Alive is a British Lung Foundation campaign that raises awareness of the dangers of asbestos.

Take Five Stay Alive asbestos campaign

Every week, an average of 20 workers in the UK die from exposure to asbestos (source: HSE), making it the single greatest cause of work-related deaths.

And it’s more than their lives on the line, as they may unwittingly put their families and business at risk.

We have created a dedicated campaign website to ensure tradespeople have access to the information and resources they need to identify asbestos and assess whether they have the training and equipment to deal with it safely.

Visit the Take 5 and Stay Alive website for information on:

Take Five Stay Alive asbestos campaign On the Take 5 and Stay Alive site you’ll also find downloadable resources, stories of people affected by asbestos related diseases and useful links.

We’ve had an amazing response to the campaign so far and would like to thank all the organisations that have contributed to this success.

If you work for or represent an organisation that is in any way related to this campaign or part of the trades industry, please email Anthony Davison at or phone 020 7078 7913 to find out what you can do to help.