BLF Professionals

Whether you are staying in hospital or managing your condition at home, we know that you need the help and guidance of health care professionals who are experts in their field.

BLF Professional nurse

BLF Professionals are nurses, physiotherapists, doctors and other health care professionals with a passion for respiratory health who are supported by the British Lung Foundation to provide great care for you.

We give them extra training opportunities and the chance to share best practice across a UK wide network of experts in their field. This means you can benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience when they're looking after you and your loved ones.

And because we keep them up-to-date about our support groups and patient literature, you will always know about all of the support and information available to you.

We also work together with our BLF Professionals to make improvements to services at a local and national level. We all know that we can make a bigger difference by working together.

Here’s what people have to say about our BLF Professionals programme:

“During my mother’s illness we met many professionals who helped in various ways, but none met our needs as much as our BLF nurse, who has been a constant source of support and encouragement.

"Not only is her professional expertise second to none, her caring, friendly and good-humored approach helped my mother and me enormously. She visited my mother in hospital a few days before her death and by this time, she was regarded as a trusted friend by both of us.

"The path of my mother’s illness has been long and difficult, but our BLF nurse’s presence made her final year much more bearable and I will always be thankful for that.”
- Family member

“Being a BLF Professional is great - it helps me access specialist training and networking, meaning I can do a better job for my patients. We actively involve our patients in British Lung Foundation services - our patients value this and our close connections to the BLF."
- Leanne Hall, BLF Physiotherapist, Bristol Community Health COPD Team

We couldn’t continue our work with BLF Professionals without your support – make a donation today to help provide our health care professionals with expert knowledge and training.

Are you a health care provider and interested in becoming a BLF Professional? Find out more about the BLF Professionals programme.

BLF Professionals programme