Exercise with a lung condition

This information is for people living with a lung condition in the UK and your family and carers. It will help you to take care of your health.

A healthy lifestyle includes being as active as you can and taking regular exercise at the right level for you, as well as eating a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight.  It is very important to help you manage your symptoms and get the most out of life.

Man exercising to improve his lung health
Why is exercise important?
Exercise can help you to improve your breathing, fitness and quality of life. Find out more about the benefits and how to cope with breathlessness.
Why is exercise important?

Pulmonary rehabilitation class
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Learn about pulmonary rehabilitation, a course of exercise and education that can help you to manage the symptoms of your condition.
Pulmonary rehabilitation

Group exercise for lung health
Ways to keep exercising
It’s important to keep exercising if you want to continue to feel the benefits it brings to your health. Find out about the options available to you.
Ways to keep exercising

Living with a lung condition booklet
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Last medically reviewed: August 2014. Due for review: August 2017.

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