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Welcome to our online community, where you can chat with others in the same situation as you online, 24 hours a day.

“Is it normal to feel this way?”

“Are there other people with the same lung condition?”

“How do other people cope?”

“What do I do next?”

Do you have questions like these?

Our online forums can answer these concerns and many more, helping you to sort out the thoughts and emotions that are running through your head.

Our forums are there whenever you need them – whether you’ve just been diagnosed or are dealing with a long-term condition, and whether you have a lung disease yourself or care for someone who does.

You can chat with other people in a similar situation, ask questions or just have a look at what people are talking about. You can even write a blog or post a question and other people can reply and comment on it.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you find our web community supportive, informative, and somewhere you'll want to come back to again and again.

But please remember...

Our web community is no substitute for professional advice. Consult your doctor or another health professional before you make any important decisions about your health. You can also contact our helpline for professional medical, practical and financial advice.

“I do have down days. But hey, we’re all human. The web community has been a tremendous help and has put things into perspective for me”

The comments and information placed in this community are purely the views of the members and are not the views of the British Lung Foundation.

Any products, alternative/complimentary therapies or treatments mentioned in the community do not constitute the professional recommendations of the British Lung Foundation.

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