There are many ways for you to help the eight million people in the UK living with lung disease.

By giving your time, you can make a valuable contribution to mission. You can help whether you have an hour a day, or a month – we appreciate the contributions all our volunteers make.

Volunteer in our offices - get involved in our work

We have a range of opportunities in our offices throughout the UK. You could join one of our teams and support research, fundraising, campaign projects, or help with administration or distribution.

Support people living with lung disease by helping a Breathe Easy group

There are some 200 active groups of people affected by lung disease and their families and friends through the UK. You could join a group and help members get to meetings, or organise awareness events.

Help us raise awareness and funds to beat lung disease – join a fundraising event, organise your own, or support an awareness event

We reply on your support to carry out the work we do. Every month, hundreds of people run, skydive, hold baking contests and tombolas to raise funds.

Support our campaigns

Help us raise awareness of important lung health issues, and campaigns with UK Governments for a positive change.

Share your experience of living with lung disease or as a carer, family or friend of someone with lung disease.

Learning about your experiences helps us represent patients to healthcare providers, governments and media, and highlight positive examples of best practice in the community.