People with lung conditions take 24 million sick days a year, leading to losses of £3.8 billion for employers.

And lung disease isn’t a small problem: one person in five in the UK is affected by it and millions more are at risk.

Could we run a lung function testing event in your workplace?

We can help you reduce the impact of lung disease in your workplace - minimising ill health for your employees and saving you money - by holding a lung testing event.

We’ll come to your workplace, carry out lung testing for your employees and raise awareness of lung health and lung disease, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

We’ll help save you money

This means we can identify your members of staff whose lung function tests reveal they might be at risk of lung disease, encourage them to seek medical advice and get treatment early, and potentially prevent others from developing lung disease at all.

How can we help?

We have years of experience running successful lung function testing and awareness-raising events in workplaces and in the community. We can help you:

  • educate people about lung disease and different lung conditions and raise awareness of the early warning signs;
  • reduce the impact of these conditions in line with Government policy;
  • encourage people to give up smoking and signpost people to other health care services; and
  • help employers to meet their occupational health obligations.

What do the events look like?

We can help you to plan and deliver your event, providing:

  • posters and leaflets to help you advertise the event; 
  • lung function testing using specialist equipment;
  • respiratory specialists, who will be on hand to answer questions;
  • time slots booked in advance by employees (if desired);
  • smoking cessation advice delivered by trained health care professionals; and
  • goody bags containing leaflets and promotional materials.

If one of your employees has below average lung function, we’ll give them a letter to take to their GP. Our test also shows the employee's 'lung age', which can motivate people to look after their lungs and their general health.

After the event, we contact all those tested to evaluate if they’ve made any changes in their behaviour and offer access to BLF support services. We also give you a comprehensive report with results and actions for you to take to reduce absenteeism from respiratory conditions in the future.

What types of workplaces do you work with?

Certain workplaces are deemed high risk for lung disease, and we would particularly like to work with you if your workplace is in this category.

However, respiratory disease can affect anyone and we have extensive experience of holding workplace events across a range of sectors. Here are just some of the companies we’ve worked with:

  • Standard Life
  • BT
  • Skanska Civil Engineering
  • Warburtons
  • Tata Steel

For more information about holding a lung function testing event, contact the BLF team on 020 7078 7913.