Making the most of your Big 100

Thank you for taking on the Big 100! You’ve signed up to push yourself in June, by walking 100km over 30 days. Let’s get started!

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Clocking up your distance

How are you planning to get to your 100km target? You could keep a track of how far you walk in your daily routine, maybe with a few extra strolls to work thrown in. Or, you could plan some nice long walks for the weekends to help you reach your goal.

Don’t forget to tot up your kilometres. Download our wallchart to keep a note of how far you’ve come – let your friends, family and colleagues see your progress!

You could use a pedometer, an activity tracker or a smartphone app to help you measure your distance. Check out:

Let us know how you’re getting on! You’re part of a big group effort and we’d like to see how far Team Breathe is willing to go to fight lung disease. Update us regularly about how many kilometres you’ve covered.

Hopefully, together all our Big 100 heroes can walk the length of the UK!

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Big 100 essentials

  • sun cream and a hat
  • waterproof jacket
  • blister plasters
  • comfy trainers
  • water and snacks
  • a camera to take lots of #Big100 selfies!

Be a Big 100 fundraising champion

First things first, set up your online fundraising page! We recommend using Just Giving. Add a profile picture and a blurb about why you’ve chosen this challenge. Then it’s time to share the link!

Do some of your supporters prefer to donate cash? Not a problem. Download our sponsorship form and pass it round. It’s really easy, plus we can claim the Gift Aid!

Challenge complete!

Once all the hard work is over, there are just a few things left to do.

  1. Get in touch – we’d love to hear when you’ve hit 100km!
  2. You’ve earned some bragging rights, so do a post on social media as a last call for donations
  3. Social media is also a great tool to say a HUGE thank you to all your supporters
  4. Then it’s time to send in your well-earned fundraising! If you’ve been given offline donations send in a cheque for British Lung Foundation, plus your sponsorship form, to 73-75 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7ER. Or give us a ring on 020 7078 7912 and we’ll take a card payment over the phone

Thanks so much for your support! We hope you have a great time going the distance for the BLF.

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