This is a worrying time for people with a lung condition.

As a charity, our team is working tirelessly to provide the latest coronavirus advice. This is only possible thanks to donations from people like you.

We're here for people with a lung condition

Helpline has received over twice as many calls

This crisis has seen calls to our Helpline increase by over 2x the normal volume.

Free COVID-19 advice for millions of people living with a lung condition

Every day we're updating our coronavirus health advice to provide millions of people with the support needed during the crisis

One call could save a life today

£14 helps to pay for a call to the BLF Helpline providing vital support and advice to callers in need – please show your support today

We can’t do this without you

Your support means that the dedicated helpline team can continue to be there for people affected by a lung condition.

We're all doing our best at this busy time to provide support and advice to people with a lung condition who are worried about coronavirus. Thank you, and keep well. Please donate now.Marie, one of our helpline advisers

Other ways to give

Send your donations by post to: British Lung Foundation, 73-75 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7ER