Trusts and foundations

Could your trust or foundation support us?

Your help could fund crucial research, support and information for people with lung disease.

The generosity of charitable trusts and foundations like yours is vital to keep our important projects going – projects that are beating lung disease one by one.

Our projects funded by trusts and foundations include:

  • Our network of volunteer-led Breathe Easy support groups
  • World-class medical research by leading scientists
  • BLF specialist respiratory nurses
  • Free information and publications for patients and carers
  • Specialist advice and support through our accredited helpline

Support us

We need your help. If you are a trustee, or have links with a charitable trust, foundation or other voluntary funding body, please consider supporting us.

Every donation we receive lets us continue providing crucial support and information to people with lung disease, their carers and their families. 

To find out more about working with us please get in touch today.

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Our recent supporters

  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Scottish Government
  • A M Pilkington Charitable Trust
  • AMW Charitable Trust
  • Annie Ramsay McLean Trust
  • Assheton-Smith Charitable Trust
  • Austin Bailey Trust
  • Benham Charitable Settlement
  • Buckland Charitable Trust
  • Cadogan Charity
  • Charles & Elsie Sykes Trust
  • Charles Littlewood Hill Trust
  • Coutts Charitable Trust
  • Curtis Family Charitable Trust
  • Douglas Turner Trust
  • Dunhill Medical Charity
  • Edward & Dorothy Cadbury Trust
  • Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust
  • Ford Britain Trust
  • G & E Pollitzer Charitable Settlement
  • G M Morrison Charitable Trust
  • Gale Family Charitable Trust
  • Galvani Charitable Foundation
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • George John and Sheila Livanos
  • Goldman Sachs Gives (Burgin Family Fund)
  • Greendale Foundation
  • Harris Charitable Trust
  • Helen Jean Cope Charity
  • Hospital of God at Greatham
  • Hugh Fraser Foundation
  • J & J R Wilson Trust
  • James Ellis Charitable Trust
  • James Wood Bequest Fund
  • John Ellerman Foundation
  • John Jarrold Trust
  • Joseph & Mary Hiley Trust
  • Joseph Strong Fraser Trust
  • JTH Charitable Trust
  • King's Fund
  • Leng Charitable Trust
  • Martin Connell Charitable Trust
  • Merchants House of Glasgow
  • Michael Cornish Charitable Trust
  • Mrs A A Clutterbuck's Charitable Trust
  • Mrs M A Black's Charitable Trust
  • N & P Hartley Memorial Trust
  • N M Rothschild and Sons Limited
  • Nancie Massey Charitable Trust
  • Nancy Roberts Charitable Trust
  • Paul Bassham Charitable Trust
  • Peacock Charitable Trust
  • PF Charitable Trust
  • Phyllis Heygate Fund
  • R S Brownless Charitable Trust
  • Raymond & Blanche Lawson Charitable Trust
  • Ronald Miller Foundation
  • Rowan Charitable Trust
  • Sammermar Trust
  • Santander UK Foundation Charitable Trust
  • Sherburn House Charity (Christ's Hospital in Sherburn)
  • Sir James Roll Charitable Trust
  • Sir John Sumner's Trust
  • Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
  • Souter Charitable Trust
  • Strathclyde Police Benevolent Fund
  • Swire Charitable Trust
  • Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust
  • Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK
  • Talteg Ltd
  • Thomas Roberts Trust
  • Watkin Jones Community Fund
  • White Oak Charitable Trust
  • William Leech Charity
  • William & Christine Eynon Charity
  • Zochonis Charitable Trust