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GSK UK has recalled 3 batches of inhalers

If you live with asthma and use inhalers, you need your inhaler to work as it should.

We want you to know that GSK UK has recalled 3 batches of inhalers in the UK because a few of them may not deliver the full number of doses. The medicine in the inhalers has not been affected. So don’t worry if you’ve used these inhalers – it won’t have harmed you. But you may not have got the medicine you need.

The inhalers affected are:

Ventolin Accuhaler inhaler 200MCG –1X60D
Lot: 754P
Expiry date: 11/05/2019

Ventolin Accuhaler inhaler 200MCG –1X60D
Lot: 786G
Expiry date: 12/05/2019

If your inhaler is one of these, get a new inhaler from your pharmacist straight away. There is no need for you to have a prescription or visit your GP – your inhaler will simply be replaced.

They've also recalled the inhaler below from hospitals, pharmacies, dispensing practices, retailers and wholesalers:

Seretide Accuhaler inhaler 50/250MCG –1X60D
Lot: 5K8W
Expiry date: 28/04/2019

The recall of Seretide Accuhaler is not a patient-level recall so you don't need to return your device.  

Please do not stop taking your medication. However, if you have any concerns or are experiencing a worsening of your symptoms you should seek medical treatment. The issue should also be reported to GSK by emailing or calling 0800 221 441 (option 3).

You can find more information on: