GSK UK has recalled 3 batches of inhalers

If you live with asthma and use inhalers, you need your inhaler to work as it should.

We want you to know that GSK UK has recalled 3 batches of inhalers in the UK because a few of them may not deliver the full number of doses. The medicine in the inhalers has not been affected. So don’t worry if you’ve used these inhalers – it won’t have harmed you. But you may not have got the medicine you need.

The inhalers affected are:

Ventolin Accuhaler inhaler 200MCG –1X60D
Lot: 754P
Expiry date: 11/05/2019

Ventolin Accuhaler inhaler 200MCG –1X60D
Lot: 786G
Expiry date: 12/05/2019

If your inhaler is one of these, get a new inhaler from your pharmacist straight away. There is no need for you to have a prescription or visit your GP – your inhaler will simply be replaced.

They've also recalled the inhaler below from hospitals, pharmacies, dispensing practices, retailers and wholesalers:

Seretide Accuhaler inhaler 50/250MCG –1X60D
Lot: 5K8W
Expiry date: 28/04/2019

The recall of Seretide Accuhaler is not a patient-level recall so you don't need to return your device.  

Please do not stop taking your medication. However, if you have any concerns or are experiencing a worsening of your symptoms you should seek medical treatment. The issue should also be reported to GSK by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 221 441 (option 3).

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