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Our brand on a page

Our brand on a page

Our vision

For everyone to breathe clean air with healthy lungs.

Our mission is

We offer hope, help and a voice.

  • We fund research to find cures and treatments for lung disease
  • We empower people affected by lung disease through support,  services and information
  • We campaign for healthy lungs and clean air

Our values are

  • Empathy. We listen with empathy and treat people with respect. Our work is guided by what people tell us they need.
  • Empowerment. We empower people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take control of their lives.
  • Excellence. We inspire and lead action. We always work hard to improve what we do and respond positively to challenges that arise.

We sound

  • warm (empathy)
  • helpful (empowerment)
  • energetic (excellence)

We look

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