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Interested in training to run specialist chronic respiratory disease exercise classes?

Loughborough College offers a course in providing specialist exercise training for people with chronic respiratory disease - ‘The Level 4 Certificate in Exercise Training for Chronic Respiratory Disease’

The course has been written and reviewed by a range of clinicians working in the field and is Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Level 4.

More information about the course is available from Loughborough College.

Course aims

The course aims to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills required to design, agree and adapt a physical activity programme for adults with chronic respiratory disease.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course candidates will have an understanding of:

  • the respiratory system, components of respiration, and common respiratory conditions;
  • medications and delivery devices used in the treatment of chronic respiratory disease;
  • the physiological responses to exercise for this client group and the pulmonary rehabilitation assessment process;
  • pulmonary rehabilitation and the principles of exercise programming for individuals with chronic respiratory disease participating in community based sessions;
  • the causes and management of breathlessness client safety, contraindications to exercise and reasons for stopping exercise;
  • how different body systems change with age and the considerations for exercise programming for individuals with chronic respiratory disease and additional clinical conditions; and
  • how to design and agree, review and adapt a physical activity programme for clients with chronic respiratory disease.

Assessment details

  • A written exam paper comprising multiple choice, short and long answer questions. The exam lasts for one hour and is based on sections of the course manual.
  • A written case study based on a patient you have observed in pulmonary rehabilitation including prescription of a programme for this patient if they were to be referred to you in the community.
  • Viva (oral exam), if required, to clarify any areas questioned in the written submission.

To complete the course you must pass all elements of assessment.

Pre-requisite requirements

  1. Registered REPS Level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor.
  2. 150 hours within the last two years of relevant professional practice at Level 3 in designing, delivering, monitoring, adapting and tailoring exercise programmes.
  3. At least six months’ experience since Level 3 qualification (evidenced by a reference letter).
  4. Completion of the online Professional Practice Unit (if required).
  5. Exercise professionals must also be endorsed by a pulmonary rehabilitation professional.

Cost: £550

For more information visit the Loughborough College website or contact