BLF Active

What is BLF Active?

We give people finishing pulmonary rehabilitation the opportunity to continue exercising safely.

In 2017-18 about 1,900 people living with lung conditions attend our BLF Active classes. The 200 classes were spread around the UK – helping people to get fitter, better manage their breathlessness and increase their confidence.

Pulmonary rehabilitation can change the lives of people living with a chronic lung disease.

The programme of exercise and education can help them to cope with breathing problems and become more active and confident in managing their condition.

We help by:

  • providing tools for instructors to set up classes;
  • signposting people to a respiratory instructor in their area;
  • providing information about ways to get active with a lung condition; and
  • researching and documenting other ways to stay active with a lung condition. Not only through PR and respiratory exercise but by dancing, walking, singing and doing other activities.

The BLF Active story

With funding from Air Products, we've been giving people with lung disease the opportunity to exercise safely since 2007.

In collaboration with Loughborough College and leading health professionals, the project designed training for fitness instructors.

The course equips instructors to provide specialist exercise for people with chronic respiratory disease after they have finished pulmonary rehabilitation. Find out more about the course and read our instructor stories.

There are around 130 respiratory exercise classes running each week, with more than 1,300 people enjoying the health benefits of these classes.

For more information about the BLF Active project, please get in touch.