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Information for exercise instructors

Become a respiratory specialist exercise instructor

Interested in training to specifically support people with a lung condition?

There are lots of different ways for people living with a lung condition to be active. Some individuals may want more support from specialist qualified instructors, particularly if they have complex needs.

If you’re interested in specific training to work with people living with lung conditions, we recommend the following qualifications:

  • REPs Level 3 Exercise Referral. This enables you to support people with long term conditions and accept referrals from medical practitioners.
  • REPs Level 4 in chronic respiratory disease. This provides you with the skills and knowledge to support people with lung conditions specifically.

Loughborough College offers a REPS Level 4 qualification: ‘The Level 4 Certificate in Exercise Training for Chronic Respiratory Disease’. The course has been written and reviewed by a range of clinicians working in the field.

More information about the course is available from Loughborough College. Alternatively contact REPs for more information about the Level 4 qualification in chronic respiratory disease, including other training providers