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How you can support a Breathe Easy group

Health care professionals make a big difference to Breathe Easy groups. When they’re involved, the groups are more effective at supporting their members and more likely to stay open.

We know health care professionals are busy people. That’s why we’ve put together some pointers to help make the most out of your limited time.

What is Breathe Easy?

Our Breathe Easy groups are spread throughout the UK. They’re run by member volunteers and support anyone affected by a lung condition, their families and carers. They usually meet once a month and are a vital part of Asthma + Lung UK.

How can you support them?

Go to your local group

  • You don’t need to commit to every meeting. Why not go every other month or even quarterly?
  • You could go along for 30 minutes at the beginning or end of the meeting – you wouldn’t need to be there the whole time.
  • Why not take it in turns with other members of your team?

Talk to the group

  • You could give a quick talk or presentation about your area of expertise. (Our Group Support Officers could also suggest some topics if you’re looking for inspiration)
  • A Q&A session always goes down well
  • If you don’t like public speaking, being available for available for a chat with members is still incredibly valuable!

In between meetings

  • Signpost potential members to the group.
  • Help groups arrange a speaker by linking colleagues to the group

Things you’re not there to do

  • Make tea
  • Move tables and chairs
  • Give a full consultation

Even doing one or two of these things will make a big difference to the group. But if you want to do more, please get in touch! Our number is 0300 222 5800.