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Supporting pharmacists

We can help community pharmacists deliver patient-centred care and healthy lifestyle advice

We know that people are far more likely to visit their local pharmacy than go to see their GP. This is a great opportunity for pharmacists to play a leading role in help people with a lung condition.

This also supports the role that healthy living pharmacies now play in our community as being frontline providers and advocates for healthy lifestyle advice.

So whether you‘re prescribing cough medicine, providing a flu vaccine, delivering a stop smoking service or undertaking a medicines usage review (MUR) we’re here to help you.

We have 2 resources to help you support your respiratory patients:

Questions to ask your respiratory patients

This guide supports you to ask the right questions to your patients that will support their understanding and medicine management, and help you deliver healthy lifestyle messages.

Download the guide (PDF, 1MB)

Respiratory medicines use review - consultation guide for COPD and asthma patients

This consultation guide aims to support you whilst undertaking a MUR with a respiratory patient to help you ask the right questions and deliver clear messages to support better medicines understanding and healthy life style messages.

Download the guide (PDF, 184KB)