How can I become a BLF singing leader?

16 members of a singing for lung health group wearing British Lung Foundation t-shirts pose for a thank-you picture.

If you’re interested in becoming a singing group leader, you should have these skills and get trained. You’re then ready to set up a group in your area. 

Opportunities in Wales

We are looking for leaders in Wales who can set up singing for lung health groups and are: 

  • able to develop groups that will be sustained beyond the funding period
  • are singing teachers, community choir leaders or music therapists who are confident with their group leading skills
  • have a core of repertoire which can be taught by ear
  • can deliver some simple physical, breath and vocal warm up exercises 

and, ideally,

  • have a knowledge of the basic anatomy and physiology of the respiratory and vocal mechanism
  • understand the appropriate structural support for optimum singing

If this sounds like you and you’re based in Wales, interested in becoming a BLF singing leader and want to set up your own group, please email us at [email protected] to find out more.

Training with The Musical Breath

You can also do the singing for lung health training with  The Musical Breath.

The Musical Breath was established by Phoene Cave, who created and delivers the BLF singing for lung health training.  The Musical Breath operates throughout the UK. It delivers training and workshops using respiratory, music and voice specialists.