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Long COVID recovery support programme

We have designed video courses to help people with Long COVID manage their breathlessness and become more active.

All our videos are available in Bengali, English, Gujurati, Mandarin, and Urdu.

Breathlessness support for people with Long COVID

This set of videos will guide you through different breathing techniques to help you manage your breathlessness.

You might find some techniques work better for you than others. We suggest trying all of them to see what works well for you.

Moving and getting active when living with Long COVID

This set of videos will guide you through some exercises to help you become more active.

It includes a warm-up, exercises for your upper and lower body, and a cool down. We also have information on setting goals and tracking your progress.

More support with your recovery

We have plenty more advice and support to help you in your recovery from Long COVID. Take a look at the information pieces we have onsite.

What is long COVID

What is long COVID?

Information about Long COVID signs and symptoms. 

Long COVID and your lungs

Breathlessness support

How to manage your breathlessness and cough when recovering from Long COVID. 

Recovering from long COVID

Movement and energy support

How to manage your energy levels when recovering from Long COVID. 

Long COVID care in NHS

Long COVID care in the NHS

The NHS care you can expect when recovering from Long COVID.

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