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The health and economic impacts of toxic air in Liverpool City Region

Our report reveals the devastating damage air pollution is doing to Liverpool’s health. Up to 1,040 deaths per year can be directly linked to exposure to air pollution.

toxic air in Liverpool City Region

The report also finds primary school-aged children, born in Liverpool from 2011 onwards, could have a reduced average life expectancy of up to five months. The report, based on new research from King's College London, looked at the most harmful forms of air pollution across six local authorities in the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

King’s calculated that the general public value of the costs of air pollution at £480 million per year.

Key recommendations

  • Liverpool and Sefton councils should introduce charging Clean Air Zones across the most polluted parts of Liverpool and Sefton, as quickly as possible.
  • Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA), in partnership with the six local authorities, should set out a regional air quality plan that commits to reach levels of PM2.5 recommended by the WHO by 2030.
  • They should roll out a Clean Air for Children programme. Children are among the most vulnerable to toxic air, so it’s essential that a region-wide programme is put in place to protect them.
  • The UK government should enact ambitious new clean air laws that commit to hitting WHO limits for PM2.5 by 201030.
  • Read all of our recommendations in the full report