What is the mesothelioma research network?

We've set up the mesothelioma research network (MRN) to bring together researchers working on mesothelioma. 

The MRN helps researchers share ideas and support each other, to get better results faster. We hope it will mean that researchers' great ideas can be more quickly translated into new ways of diagnosing and treating people with mesothelioma.

What does the MRN do?

The MRN:

  • brings researchers working in mesothelioma together to meet one another
  • helps researchers share knowledge, skills and resources between them
  • helps researchers stay in touch with what mesothelioma research is happening in the UK and globally
  • encourages research investment in mesothelioma
  • attracts and keeps the interest of researchers in this field
  • helps avoid unnecessary duplication of research effort
  • encourages collaboration, particularly in terms of applications to major funding bodies
  • encourages an ongoing conversation about mesothelioma research priorities to inform the strategies of the BLF and other funders
  • brings the MesobanK to researchers - a collection of useful samples from people with mesothelioma

Who can join the network?

Researchers based in the NHS or an academic institute who work in, or have an interest in working in, mesothelioma.

Basic and translational scientists and clinicians at any point of their career, from the earliest stage through to senior and established researchers.

We encourage health care professionals that are based in secondary care and who see mesothelioma patients regularly to join the MRN. This way you can keep in touch with ongoing clinical research that may benefit your patients.

Research support organisations that directly assist with mesothelioma researchers can join too. This can include funders of mesothelioma research that usually spend more than £25,000 a year.

The views of patients and carers are fed into the project by their representation on the Steering Group responsible for overseeing the MRN, but the network itself is aimed at researchers.

Why should I join the MRN?

Researchers who join the MRN will be able to:

  • connect with other basic/translational and clinical researchers in mesothelioma
  • keep in touch with what mesothelioma research is going on around the globe
  • attend UK-based scientific meetings that focus on mesothelioma
  • learn from others who are part of the MRN
  • open up chances for research collaboration
  • access funding exclusive to MRN members

How can I join the MRN?

Simply fill in an expression of interest form. Once your application is approved, we will require further information about you and your research to share with other members of the MRN.

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