Mesothelioma research network terms of membership

Please read the below terms of membership for the mesothelioma research network (MRN).

The MRN will provide opportunities for increased connection with other researchers and research support organisations worldwide. We provide a UK-based research meeting as well as a chance to access BLF funding* (exclusive to researchers and healthcare professionals in the MRN).

*Non-UK based researchers may apply for funding as a co-applicant.

The administration and logistics support for the MRN will be provided by the BLF. If you have questions, comments or complaints, please contact Cheryl Lenny, the MRN manager, via [email protected].

  • As a researcher or clinician you join as an individual member and not on behalf of the institution you work in.

Our vision

Improve outcomes for people affected by mesothelioma by bringing together researchers, driving research progress and improving the quality of research.

By joining the MRN you agree:


  • To receive communications about the MRN from the BLF via email and phone.
  • That BLF may contact you about other research-related activity outside of the MRN but considered to be relevant to you as a researcher, such as funding calls, scientific/medical conferences or related initiatives. 
  • That the BLF and other MRN members may contact you, initially by email, about the information you have shared within the MRN. 

Information sharing 

  • Upon joining the MRN, if applicable, to send information on your research priorities, skills, knowledge and resources to potentially share in the MRN ‘members list’. 
  • Information provided in the ‘members list’ may be shared with the BLF and MRN members (research support organisations or individuals). 
  • You will only share information you feel comfortable for the BLF and other MRN members to have access to. 
  • Not to disclose, outside the MRN, information you have received from within it unless you have the permission of the person who provided the information and the BLF.
  • Information that is potentially commercially sensitive should not be discussed in the MRN or communicated through MRN channels.
  • To respond to requests from the BLF to update your information in a timely manner. 
  • To notify the BLF if your contact information, role or institute changes.
  • To notify the BLF if you move from the NHS (or equivalent) or an academic institution to a commercial organisation.
  • To notify the BLF if there is a change in funding for your role from non-commercial to commercial sources.

Values and behaviours

  • Embody the values of the MRN by acting in an open, fair and transparent manner. 

Termination of membership 

  • You have the right to terminate your membership at any point by writing to the MRN manager via [email protected].
  • The BLF reserves the right to terminate your membership if, after consultation with the senior staff, it believes there is a reputational risk to the charity of your continuing membership of the MRN. 

How the BLF will manage your data

We agree to:

  • Treat your data with care and in line with our privacy policy.
  • Keep your information for up to one year after you leave the Network. After which it will be deleted.
  • Make every effort to keep your data up-to-date by asking you to check what we hold periodically, but we also rely on you notifying us of any major changes (for example, changes to your contact details or if you change roles).

The data we hold on you in relation to the MRN can be seen by you at any time.

Confirm that you have read the terms of membership for joining the MRN network