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How we've made a difference

Research is how we make progress. It’s what finds cures and treatments. The research we've funded has changed lives. This is how.

How we made a difference in 2018-19

This year we invested £1.8 million in research. We funded 16 new research projects, we held a networking day for our mesothelioma research network, which has grown to over 140 scientists, and made a PhD Studentship award to Liam, to carry out research into pulmonary fibrosis to equip him to become one of the next generation of researchers.

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Research that changed clinical guidelines

One measure of how we have made a difference to the lives of people living with a lung disease is when the results of Asthma + Lung UK-funded studies find their way into clinical guidelines and therefore improve treatment.

Here are some examples of research projects that have helped shape the treatment of COPD, pneumonia in children, asthma and bronchiectasis.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD. The words ‘chronic’ and ‘disease’ terrified me and I stopped doing stuff in case I made it worse. I was referred to pulmonary rehabilitation and my whole outlook changed. I realised that exercise could improve my condition and I learnt how to manage it instead of letting it manage me. Suddenly the future looked much brighter and I’ve never looked back. Joan, who has COPD

The battle for breath: the impact of lung disease in the UK

We funded a 3-year epidemiological research project into the respiratory health of the nation, which was reported in 2016. This evidence base is needed for policymakers, researchers, health care providers and professionals to make sure the UK’s lung health is given the priority it deserves.

It is the most comprehensive overview of lung disease currently available – and will set the agenda in the respiratory field for the next decade. It takes a closer look at the impact of 15 major lung conditions as well as giving an evidence-based snapshot of the overall extent and impact of lung disease in the UK.

We’re determined to tackle what our research found:

  • Government and health policy makers must make respiratory health a priority
  • More research into respiratory diseases must be funded
  • There must be a focus on prevention - to cover smoking, physical inactivity, obesity and air pollution
  • Everyone must be aware they should get breathlessness checked out

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