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Our recent research

We’re funding the most exciting research projects that’ll make the biggest impact in the long term. This is what we’ve recently been doing to help drive progress for people living with a lung condition.

2016-17: Our largest ever spend on research awards

This year, our awards totalled £2.2 million for 19 research grants:

  • mesothelioma: 9 grants totalling £1.5 million were awarded
  • COPD: one grant of £17,000 was awarded
  • pulmonary fibrosis: 3 grants totalling £177,000 were awarded
  • lung cancer: 3 grants of £312,000 were awarded

There were further awards totalling £172,000. 2 looked at respiratory infections, and individual awards looked at the impact of e-cigarettes and developing new breath-based analysis systems to help diagnose and treat lung disease.

2015-16: A busy year

We awarded 24 research grants, totalling almost £1.5 million.

These grants were mainly for research into COPD, mesothelioma, lung cancer, children’s lung disease and interstitial lung disease (ILD). We looked at the development of new treatments to fight mesothelioma, better ways to prevent and treat exacerbations in COPD, and understanding the impact of singing for improved breathing in people with IPF.

  • Dr Lynne Prince identified a key molecule which drugs could target to reduce damage in COPD
  • Dr Robert Rintoul set up MesobanK - Europe’s first store of mesothelioma-related tissue, blood and clinical data, all urgently needed by researchers
  • Professor Stefan Marciniak’s team identified a molecule that can predict the rate of progression, and Dr Judy Coulson developed a new system to study a key genetic change in mesothelioma
  • Professor Alison Condliffe looked at how tiny hair-like structures in airways beat to help clear lung infection. She identified how invading bacteria can stop these beating to avoid being cleared, and the potential for drugs to help prevent this effect and treat infection more effectively
  • Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn set up a clinical trial to test an advanced form of radiotherapy in lung cancer
  • Dr Elizabeth Sapey ran a trial that found that a statin can help prevent death and re-admission to hospital due to pneumonia
  • Professor David Strachan and his team published a 3-year study into the respiratory health of the nation