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Our research focus

The majority of our research funding supports research in a limited number of priority areas. As researchers working at the cutting edge of science are well-placed to know what work is needed to take the next step towards better care, we mainly offer open research grants where researchers set out their own ideas and proposals.

Projects that we fund need to be well-designed and make a robust case for delivering practical benefits for people living with a lung condition in either the short, medium or longer term.

Key features of our research strategy

We're reviewing our strategy in 2018.

Help researchers in the early stages of their careers

Without great researchers, we can’t fund world-class research. Our grants include awards that support early-career researchers and help them to become the breakthrough lung professors of the future. We give them the chance to train in world-class research labs where they’ll learn the skills they’ll need to become researchers making tomorrow’s breakthroughs. They’ll carry out a research study that will make a significant contribution to the development of better treatments and care, while being guided by respected mentors.

We also recognised the great work done by early-career investigators by awarding a winner and runner-up prize as part of the Early Career Investigator Awards each year through the British Thoracic Society. In addition, we help early-career researchers to present their research at international lung research conferences where they can learn more about their subject, meet mentors, and forge new collaborations.

We fund 2 summer studentships to give promising medical and basic science undergraduates hands-on experience of research during the academic summer vacation. This scheme attracts the brightest and best into a future career in lung research.

Establish research networks and actual or virtual centres of excellence

As part of our research strategy, we aim to start centres of excellence in our priority diseases to bring together researchers from a range of backgrounds to work on a specific issue and collaborate to break new ground. We’re delighted that a gift from the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation has meant we’ve been able to fund research programmes at the University of Leicester and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust near Cambridge, and also create a mesothelioma research network (MRN).

Funding for research projects and co-funding research

As well as funding our own projects, we want to work with other research institutions and charities to maximise the amount of money that is dedicated to respiratory research.

For example, we have made research grant awards in conjunction with:

  • Cancer Research UK
  • Medical Research Council
  • CF Trust
  • ​the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office
  • ​Mesothelioma UK
  • Sarcoidosis UK
  • Wessex Medical Research
  • The Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Foundation
  • The family and friends of Dr Joseph Footitt

Telling people about the research we fund

Have a look at our blogs from researchers and people living with a lung condition to hear the stories about why our research matters. 

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