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Running your support group

Promoting your Breathe Easy group

Promoting your group and Asthma + Lung UK helps you recruit new members.

Promoting your Breathe Easy group is important as it helps:

  • make people aware your group exists
  • recruit new members
  • raise awareness of Asthma + Lung UK
  • make health care professionals aware that the group exists

How your group chooses to promote itself is up to you. Your aim is to reach as many people who have a lung disease as possible – and with the least effort (and cost).

Here are some suggestions:

Posters and flyers

Posters and flyers advertising your group are useful to hand out and display at awareness stands, or in your local GP surgery.

You can make a poster online, or ask your group support officer to print some for you.

Make a poster

GP or nurse mail out

Ask a local GP practice or nurse to send a letter out to all their patients with a lung condition. If your group has enough funds, they might be more likely to do it if you offer to help pay for the postage or stationary.

This is more likely to happen if you have a good relationship with a local health care professional.


We can give you a photo ID badge (including a Asthma + Lung UK lanyard) free of charge. Badges will have your group name, your name and photo, and your role within the group (such as chair, treasurer etc.).

Ask your group support officer if you'd like a badge.

Your web page

Every Breathe Easy group has its own page on our website. Your page has all the details of when and where your group meets and contact details. You can also upload some photos of your group, and any upcoming events you're planning.

Display stands

Create an eye-catching display at awareness raising events by using your pull up banner, branded tablecloth, balloons, badges, and posters. Your members will really stand out from the crowd by wearing a blue top along with their Asthma + Lung UK badge and lanyard.

Make sure you’re giving out up to date information. Check if any leaflets have a review date, and if you're not sure don't give out any leaflets that are more than a year old.


Giving talks is a great way to promote your group and Asthma + Lung UK. You might speak about your group at a pulmonary rehabilitation class and hand out some information. The people you speak to might be more likely to come along to your group - especially if they know there'll be a familiar face there.

Talks to other organisations such as Rotary or Lions clubs are a great way to let people know about what we do and could even result in a donation. To find local groups search the internet or ask your library to help or contact your group support officer.

Other ways to promote your group

Think about other outlets and resources to promote your group including:

  • Local council and voluntary organisations (directories, newsletters, websites)
  • Libraries
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Community notices (supermarkets, local newspaper, hospitals)
  • Media (newspapers, local radio, hospital radio, television)
  • Hospitals, other local health organisations or your local council (websites, newsletters, noticeboards)

Promoting your group is an on-going process and you will have to be persistent. Get in touch with your group support officer for more ideas and support.