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Running your support group

Key roles in your group

All group members have a say in the general running of your group.

There are some tasks that are essential to the smooth running of the group. Some of these are:

  • Organising the meetings, including booking speakers, arranging refreshments etc.
  • Publicising the group and recruiting members
  • Keeping accurate records  
  • Having enough money to run the group and managing the money. 

Your group may choose to have specific people to perform these tasks. That means you might have a chair, secretary, treasurer, and any other roles to take on responsibility for particular tasks.

There can be as many people as you like having responsibility for certain tasks. Here are some key tasks you should consider:

  • Treasurer: Responsible for the bank account, recording income and expenditure, submitting quarterly returns and advising the group on financial regulations.
  • Main contact/chair: For the purposes of communication with us, there is normally one main contact.
  • Public contact: This person’s phone number and/or email will be given to any new people wanting to join the group.
  • Health care professional: Many groups have evolved with the assistance of a health care professional.  Find out more about working with local health services.

Those members with specific roles may choose to meet separately from the main group, before or after the main meeting, to discuss the running of the group. However this will create extra work, take more time and doesn’t involve the whole group in making decisions about the group.

It also doesn’t encourage members to take an active part in the running of the group and means people are less likely to take on any of the tasks should members leave.

When someone agrees to take on specific responsibilities, this should be agreed by the whole group. This can be done at a special meeting in May, so that the new officers take over ready for the start of our new financial year (which runs from July to June).

If there is more than 1 person willing to take on a role you'll need to hold a vote, or agree to share the role. Get in touch with your group support officer for help with this.