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Asthma + Lung UK Support Groups and Singing for Lung Health Groups

Learning more about your lung condition can help you manage your symptoms and help with your physical and mental well-being. Support Groups give you the opportunity to make new friends and share your experiences and stories with others living with a lung condition. We have more than 150 groups throughout the UK. We also run a variety of online sessions over Zoom that you can find out below.

We are developing our Parent and Carer Support Network. We aim to provide a space for parents and carers of children with all lung conditions to come together with health care professionals over Zoom. You can find out about it here

We also have Singing for Lung Health groups that are run by trained Asthma + Lung UK Singing for Lung Health instructors. You can find out more about how our sessions can help improve your breathing technique and stamina here

Breathe Easy group

Find out if there is a Asthma + Lung UK Support group or Singing for Lung Health group running in your area here. Some of our groups are currently meeting online and some are face to face.

Find support in your area

About our online support sessions

At the start of the pandemic, our support groups stopped meeting face to face.

But that didn't stop us supporting you!

Our Asthma + Lung UK Support Group network has adapted to the pandemic and continues to offer vitally needed support to people living with lung conditions via email, phone and and a variety of online sessions.

To find out if there is a group near you meeting, or if you would like some advice or support on digital technology or to enrol on our online sessions, please e-mail or call our Volunteer Support and Development Officers on 0300 222 5800.

Watch our Head of Support Groups, Petra explain how our Asthma + Lung UK Support Group network has adapted to the pandemic.

people singing

Motivational Mondays!

Motivational Mondays is our weekly online Singing for Lung Health session led by Helen Hayes who has taken part in the Asthma + Lung UK Singing for Lung Health programme. The sessions include relaxation, breathing exercises and singing.

Find out more here or contact us via or 0300 222 5800

people singing

Our online support group

Our online support group is four weekly sessions with different speakers on subjects such as pulmonary rehab, body breathing, and helpline question and answer sessions to inform, inspire and support you.

Find out more here or contact us via or 0300 222 5800

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Mindfulness for Lung Health sessions

The six week taster course aims to reduce emotional distress via a mix of techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, body scanning,  compassion and supportive, mindful movement practice.

Find out more here or contact us via or 0300 222 5800

support group

Harmonica for Lung Health sessions

Our harmonica sessions are run by Chris Startup, who is a lung Health Practitioner who has been running lung health groups for more than six years.  You will need a C major diatonic 10 hole harmonica for the sessions!

Find out more here or contact us via or 0300 222 5800

Group of people

International Breathe Easy group

International Breathe Easy group is an online group run by Derek in South Wales.  It has members from the UK and many other English speaking countries.

Meetings are informal and friendly offering lots of advice.

Find out more here or contact us via or 0300 222 5800

people singing

Feel Good Fridays!

Feel good Fridays is our weekly online chair Zumba session with qualified instructor Anne Little

The sessions  are designed to get you moving to music and to have fun, as well as improve mobility and general wellbeing!

Find out more here or contact us via or 0300 3030 253

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