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This World COPD Day, Wednesday 17 November 2021, we want to raise awareness of COPD and make sure that everyone with COPD, or who may have COPD, has access to the care and information that they need to manage their condition well.

Our new report tells a shocking story of poor care for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the UK. Andrew from the policy team tells us more about what we discovered and what needs to change.  Find out more

Life with COPD can be difficult. It's a progressive condition, which means there is currently no cure and everyday tasks can become a challenge. 

You can do a lot to help manage your condition yourself. Knowing all you can about your condition as well as keeping active can make a big difference.

Chris walking with portable oxygen treatment

What can you do to manage your COPD?

Managing your condition can help you to feel better and take some control of your life.

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