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Always consult your health care professional before booking a holiday and make sure your trip is compliant with the current government travel restrictions.

Going on holiday

Holiday checklist

Our helpful checklist will ensure that you are fully prepared for an enjoyable holiday.

Before you book

  • Check with your GP or health care professional that you are well enough to travel
  • Is your preferred destination suitable for you?  Think about terrain, access and the cost of travel insurance
  • Research travel insurance costs.  Remember to tell your travel insurer about all your pre-existing medical conditions
  • If you plan to travel by coach or ferry, check if on-board facilities are accessible
  • If you plan to fly, find out what the airline needs to confirm your fitness to fly

If you need oxygen

  • Ask your supplier how you could get it while you’re away
  • If you plan to fly, check the policy of the airline you plan to use
  • Take your oxygen alert card with you

Before you travel

  • Plan your route from door to door.  Think about how far you will have to walk unaided, how many stops you might have to make and what disabled access is like at your destination. The AA and RAC both offer free online route-planning services
  • Make sure you will have enough of your regular medication to see you through your trip, including extra to cover any delays
  • Arrange emergency antibiotics, if you might need them
  • Make a list of the medication you take, including emergency antibiotics, in case you need more during your holiday or need to show a doctor if you’re taken ill
  • Send your travel provider any fitness to travel documents they have asked for
  • Book any travel assistance you might need, such as help getting through the airport or boarding a train
  • Consider any allergies you have. If you are allergic to feathers, ask your accommodation provider if hypoallergenic bedding is available

During your holiday

  • When you arrive, locate the nearest medical facility and check its opening times
  • Carry with you several copies of your list of medication, your medical letters and your European Health Insurance card, if you’re in Europe. Keep your travel insurance documents and, if abroad, your passport in a safe place
  • Carry with you a list of emergency contact numbers, including your GP’s number
  • If you start to feel unwell, seek medical advice quickly.  If you’re abroad, check if medication you are given is allowed back into the UK

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Last medically reviewed: February 2018. Due for review: February 2021

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