How we produce our information

We produce high-quality information about lung disease, and living with a lung condition.

Our information is available online and in print, and we're committed to producing high quality information

We aim to achieve this by ensuring our information is:

  • accurate by only using the best available scientific evidence and sources in our material
  • current by reviewing and updating it at least every three years
  • easy to understand by using plain English with a clear, defined writing style and layout
  • relevant by involving people with lung conditions and encouraging feedback
  • accessible by providing it in relevant formats and promoting its distribution

To continually improve the quality of our health and care information, we follow NHS England's Information Standard principles.

Help us review our information

If you've been affected by lung disease, please give us your feedback! Use the feedback button on our webpages, send us your thoughts on one piece of information, or sign up to become a regular reviewer

Thank you!

Your help is vital to making sure our information is comprehensive, easy to understand and covers what you want to know.

Moderation policy

We may moderate user-generated content, such as on our blog, web community or social media channels. This is in line with our moderation policy (doc 39KB).

Accessibility policy

We are dedicated to making sure our health information is accessible in print and online. Read our accessibility policy (PDF 66KB).