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Long COVID and your lungs

How long your recovery takes depends on many factors – it could take weeks or months. Long COVID isn’t the same for everyone, so you may need different care and support to other people who have had it.

Here we explain how you can help your breathing after having coronavirus, as well as how to manage a cough. 
If you have a pre-existing heart or lung condition, speak to your healthcare professional, so that you’re sure you’re getting the right treatment for your symptoms. 

In this section:

  1. Managing breathlessness
    1. I need to clear mucus from my lungs
    2. I’m breathless
    3. I’m on oxygen
    4. I can’t eat or drink easily
  2. Managing a cough
    1. ​If you have a dry cough
    2. If you have a cough with phlegm
    3. Should I stop smoking?

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