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What if I don’t have a rehabilitation plan?

A rehabilitation plan is an individual guide created by your health care team, based on an assessment of your needs. It aims to help you recover and help you return to work or education, and do daily activities;

Not everyone will be given a rehabilitation plan after being in hospital, as you will only get one if your health care team think you need it. If you haven’t been given a rehabilitation plan and think you need one, speak to your health care team.

If you feel like you need the support of more specialised health care professionals, such as a physiotherapist or a dietitian, you should speak to your GP. For example, you may see a physiotherapist if your muscles are very weak and you need help to start walking again. You might need to see a dietician if you have issues that affect your eating, such as problems swallowing, or if you are struggling to eat enough.

Your COVID Recovery 

The NHS has also launched a programme called Your COVID Recovery. This is an online rehabilitation platform designed to support your physical and emotional recovery if you have ongoing COVID-19 symptoms. You need to get a referral from a health care professional to access this programme.

Through Your COVID Recovery, you can get advice and support from various health care professionals on your mental health, physical activity, managing your symptoms and diet. You’ll also be able to track your symptoms and set your own goals.

You might also find it useful to visit the Your Covid Recovery website, which has information and advice on a wide range of Long COVID symptoms that can affect your body and mind, as well as advice on what to do if you already have diabetes or cardiovascular disease. 

There are also stories from people who have had COVID-19 that you may find helpful.

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Last medically reviewed: February 2021. Due for review: August 2021

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