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Lung cancer campaign

Read our lung cancer report, including recommendations for improving diagnosis and care.

Download our lung cancer report (PDF 2.3MB)

The report makes a series of recommendations for improving the diagnosis of lung cancer and the care that follows:

  • Funding for a national awareness campaign
  • A commitment to rapid adoption of a targeted, evidenced-based lung cancer screening programme
  • Lung cancer risk assessment and clinical decision support tools tested and made available in all primary care practices
  • Introduce a timed pathway for patients with suspected lung cancer admitted as an emergency
  • Rapid access outpatient pathways introduced to prevent unnecessary emergency admissions
  • GPs able to make direct access referrals for CT scans for patients with suspected lung cancer
  • All chest X-rays and CT scans formally reported within four days, and local systems in place to trigger referrals to a specialist rapid access lung cancer clinic
  • GP practices and secondary care consultants to share access to their direct telephone or email addresses to speed discussion about high risk cases
  • Centralised systems set up in order to ensure data can be shared
  • A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) available to all patients suspected to have lung cancer
  • All patients diagnosed in an emergency setting seen within 24 hours by an acute oncology nurse

Read the full recommendations in detail:

Download our report (PDF 2.3MB)

Thank you to all members of the expert working group who steered the production of this report.