Action Mesothelioma Day 2020

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer caused by breathing in asbestos dust. The date for Action Mesothelioma Day has yet to be confirmed. It is most likely to occur Friday 3 July 2020.

Claire and Emma lost their dad, their best friend, to lung disease. He died just five weeks after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Now, they're training for the London Marathon to raise for funds for research.

Mesothelioma takes a long time to develop. It’s normal for people to get the first symptoms 30 to 40 years after they were first exposed to asbestos.

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What is mesothelioma?

This information explains what mesothelioma is and who might be at risk

Right now, there's no cure for this deadly disease. But you can help change this. We've spent over £8.6 million on mesothelioma research but there's still such a long way to go. Will you make a donation and help us find a cure?

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