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OSA commissioning toolkit

Our toolkit helps commissioning and planning OSA services in the UK.

For 4 years between 2011 and 2015 we led a project and campaign on OSA to improve awareness and raise service standards across the UK. 

Download the OSA toolkit (PDF 3MB)

Our toolkit brings together in one place results from our own project and campaign work and recommendations from the current guidelines and current clinical practice. It consists of a booklet and an online tool.

The booklet provides evidence of the burden of OSA in the UK, gives recommendations for service provision along the patient pathway from diagnosis to management, and provides a simple audit tool.

The online tool generates a report for any named health area in the UK (CCGs in England, HSCTs in Northern Ireland, NHS HBs in Scotland and LHBs in Wales). It provides details on:

  • estimated OSA prevalence;
  • recommended service provision for a population of this size;
  • cost avoidance for treating OSA;
  • information about the local prevalence of OSA risk factors to consider when making decisions about service provision;
  • and the number of traffic accidents that could be prevented locally.

The toolkit has support and endorsement from major UK health bodies including ARNS, ARTP, BTS, BSS, and PCRS-UK.

Download the OSA toolkit (PDF 3MB)