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OSA patient experience survey results

Read the results of our OSA patient experience survey, taken by 2,671 people in 2013.

It looks at prior awareness of OSA and experiences of diagnosis, treatment and services offered.

Key findings from the survey include the following:

  • People will seek help about their symptoms an average of 10 months earlier if they have previously heard of OSA.
  • 11 per cent of people admitted falling asleep whilst driving prior to diagnosis and two per cent admitted having a traffic accident caused by sleepiness.
  • The top 10 symptoms of OSA identified in the survey have been heralded as an extremely important finding by OSA specialist, Dr Martin Allen, who feels that this list of symptoms could be the basis of a new screening tool for OSA.
  • Most people are relieved to get their diagnosis.
  • Measures before and after diagnosis and treatment show that improvement in well-being is highly significant following diagnosis and treatment.
  • Only 62 per cent of people (and only 68 per cent of those who drove for a living) said that they were told to inform the DVLA about their diagnosis.

Nearly 3,000 people with OSA from across the country responded to the survey. We believe this is the largest survey of OSA ever undertaken in the UK.

Download the OSA patient experience survey report (PDF 400KB)

Download the OSA patient experience survey poster (PDF 1.63MB)