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Pulmonary fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis personal organiser

If you’ve been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, including IPF, our organiser can help you take care of yourself and feel more in control.

Choose the pages that you feel will help you.  You might want to take some pages to appointments with your health care professional, others you could share with your family, carers and friends. And some are for you, so you have all the details you want in one place.

There are different pages for you to print and fill in. You can print them all or just select the ones that will help you.

Download and print the pulmonary fibrosis personal organiser

What’s in the pulmonary fibrosis personal organiser?

  • About me and my key contacts - keep details of anyone you may need to contact about your pulmonary fibrosis all together.
  • My appointments – keep track of your appointments with your health care team by noting anything important down.
  • My treatment – keep track of the different treatments you might be on for your pulmonary fibrosis.
  • My diagnosis - write down what you understand about your diagnosis and think of questions you now want to ask, so you’re ready to discuss them with your health care professional.
  • Checklist for my care - have a look at this list to check you’re getting all the care and support you need. This will help you to ask your health care professionals about anything you’re not getting.
  • Flare-up (exacerbation) plan - use this page to agree a plan with your health care professional about what to do if your symptoms get worse suddenly (flare up).
  • My goals - walking the dog? Seeing your family at the other end of the country? If something is important to you, this page helps you talk to your health care professional about how you’re going to achieve it.

Here are some ideas about the questions you might want to ask your health care professionals at different times during your diagnosis and treatment.

Download and print the pulmonary fibrosis personal organiser

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Last medically reviewed: June 2022. Due for review: June 2025

This information uses the best available medical evidence and was produced with the support of people living with lung conditions. Find out how we produce our information. If you’d like to see our references get in touch.