Singing for lung health

How can singing improve your wellbeing?

As well as helping your breathing, regular group singing can have other more general benefits.

Positive feelings

People say singing is uplifting and joyful. They feel positive during the singing session, and the positive mood continues afterwards. Singing can help if you feel depressed, stressed or anxious.

  • "Once I’m here and we start singing, it just takes all the worries away." Jill
  • "A lot of people with lung diseases suffer from depression because there are lots of things that we used to enjoy that we can’t do anymore. Coming here's not just good for the physical health, but for the mental health." Elmi
  • "It’s that kind of mental wellbeing aspect and then actually from singing you get that great rush of endorphins and it makes you more alert."  Singing for lung health leader

Confidence building

People living with a long-term lung condition say that group singing makes them think of themselves as choir members, rather than patients. Singing and being part of a group gives you confidence and a sense of achievement. It can motivate you to try other activities.

“The most important thing is improving our health – but we don’t sound too bad either!” John

Feeling part of a group

Regular group singing can make you feel less isolated and is a way of feeling part of a group. You can make new friends. They’ll understand your challenges because they face them too. It’s also a chance for you to share your own experiences and help others.

  • "It’s getting control of the breathing and finding out more about my body, but also the social aspect, just meeting new people. We have fun."  Lynne
  • "I’ve made loads of new friends and I look forward to it every week."  Scilla

New skills

Joining a singing group is a way of learning new skills and maybe reviving existing ones. Learning new songs can help to improve your ability to focus and concentrate and also to stimulate your memory.

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Last medically reviewed: September 2017. Due for review: September 2020

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